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Custom Raffle and Fundraising Tickets


We specialize in school and community functions!

Beefsteaks, 50/50s, auctions, and more for Fire and Police, community organizations, sports leagues, religious organizations, schools and more.

raffle tickets

We're your local headquarters for event raffle tickets! Customized, sequentially numbered and perforated, we can do it for less.

Standard raffle tickets are one-sided with black ink on white card stock with perforated stub and sequential numbering in 2 locations. Minimum order 250.  Prices include design & set-up.

Loose, non-booklet, 3.5 x 7  Finished Size.

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Raffle Ticket Booklets
Overall book size:  2 9/16 x 6 1/4.
rd Black Ink • Red, Blue, Green Ink $25 Additional

We print LETTERPRESS. Numbers and perfs are in a standard position.

TlCKET: 20 lb. white bond, black ink, same copy on all pans, consecutively numbered in two positions, perforated in two places for easy removal. Printed letterpress only (hoc type), 13 lines of copy.

STUB: Standard stub copy is name, address. zip and phone. A one line dealer imprint can be used at no extra charge, and minor wording changes are also no charge.

COVER: 60 lb. offset stock, wrap around style, ticket number shows. Printed covers are an extra charge as shown to the right.

COMPOSITION: Extra lines {over 13} at $4.00 each. We reserve the right to count lines in our own method to make copy fit. For liquor lists, etc, add $2.50 for each item. (Type must be set and then cut in.) No copy taken over the telephone.

We will use the best available sizes and styles (our choice). However, we will try to accommodate all special requests.





Color ink: $60.00 flat charge. Stock colors are red, brown, blue and green.
Colored stock: $4.00 per M Singles. (Canary, green, blue, ivory, pink, goldenrod)
Bright hue: $4.00 per M singles.
Without numbers: add S3.00 per M.
Numbering letter suffixes: A, D, C, D, etc. at $8.00 each letter change.
Numbering resets: $3.00 each.
Slug changes: Date, etc., $8.00 each.
Vertical copy: $45.00 flat charge.

Printed Covers:
Stock imprint (from our cover list): $20.00 per M books.
Special imprint (black ink): $60.00 set up charge plus $20.00 per M books.
Cuts: Available at cost of engraving plus makeready charge. Please call.
SPECIAL STUBS: Alterations will have an up charge of $15.00-$30.00. Maximum 7 lines.
PROOFS: $10.00 each. Changes made to original copy $4.00 per line. Proofs delay shipping schedule.

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